Pokemon go walking hack

best Pokemon Go cheats and hacks
best Pokemon Go cheats and hacks

In this article we, will explore the best Pokemon Go cheats and hacks and the basic principles of this game.

Pokemon Go Game: how the world catches heroes on real streets

It is no exaggeration to say that the whole world is flooded with a new mobile game – Pokemon Go. It is Nintendo’s first gaming smartphone release, developed in collaboration with Niantic Studios. The essence of the game is to find the hero in the surrounding area with a camera. Once a creature is found, a player can capture it using a special command, after which the Pokemon can be trained and competed with other players. In total, traveling through the city, you can find 150 heroes from the first generation of the game, released in the mid-90s. The goal of the game is to find and train the hero in order to then participate in battles with other players’ heroes. Simply put – the gameplay is superimposed on the real world by an additional layer.

The game allows you to catch Pokemon in AR, that is, augmented reality. The player looks at the world around him through his smartphone as through a special lens that shows the Pokémon “hiding” around him. With the help of GPS, the game scatters Pokemon around the surrounding area, along with special points where you can find useful things or fight with other players for the title of the master of the gym

Common Pokemon Go cheats and hacks

Pokemon Go turned out to be a very addicting game, but to catch Pokemon and progress in the game, you need to walk a lot – the bonuses are tied to places in the real world. And to walk too lazy! Therefore, there are many ways to trick the game into thinking that you are traveling the world and not sitting at home.

There are the following useful tricks:

  • A bicycle is your best friend

Since the game requires a lot of walking, we recommend mastering any transport, a bike ideally. It will help to lay eggs much faster, and catching Pokemon will be much easier. The only important point – Pokémon Go will ignore your fast skating, so make sure your avatar walks or runs on the map!

  • Use Powerbank

Pokémon Go constantly uses your geolocation, and even does not allow you to lock the screen, so the battery is just huge – even long-lived smartphones give up after 4-5 hours of continuous play. But there is a way out! It is worth looking closely at buying an external battery or case with a built-in battery.

  • How to fight in the arena

There will be no secrets here, because the mini-game with battles is the most primitive part of the whole gameplay. However, not everyone understands that you can dodge blows with swipes left and right. Also, don’t forget to look under the health bar – there is an additional indicator, which should be filled with a long hold. In this way, you activate a super blow, which significantly takes away the health of the enemy.

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