Project manager job description

how to become a Project manager
how to become a Project manager

Project managers are in demand in any field. This profession is usually common in IT and international companies with a large number of projects. So, in this article, we will discuss the main characteristics, requirements, and obligations for this vacancy and recommendations on how to become a Project manager.

What does Project Manager do in general?

For the successful implementation of any initiative (investment or social), it is necessary to select the appropriate professionals and create a team of like-minded people. A Project Manager is appointed to perform this task. He forms, leads, and motivates the team to achieve the goals set by customers.

So, the Project Manager (PM) is a conditional bridge between the customer and the team. This is a specialist who is responsible for successful project management, task planning, and control of its implementation. The main responsibility is to implement the customer’s idea within the specified period and budget, using available resources

This person can equally successfully build a factory, develop a modern software package, manage startups or solve other problems. He consistently and reliably builds the process of organizing work on the project, in which each project participant pursues a single strategic line of the company.

How to become a successful project manager?

The Project Manager is also responsible for communicating with the client: negotiating, working with expectations, and so on. This is one of the most difficult tasks of the project because it constantly has to balance between customer requirements and adequate team workload. The best project managers are those who really believe in the product.

Qualified PM not only effectively draws up a work plan and distributes tasks, but also is well versed in the business requirements of the project and turns them into technical requirements for the product.

He immerses himself in the customer’s business processes: he studies all the features to adjust the marketing, operational or technical strategy.

Requirements and necessary basic qualities

The specialist must meet the following criteria:

  • leadership qualities
  • analytical mind
  • ability to comprehensively analyze the situation
  • focus on the result
  • ability to make decisions
  • responsibility
  • ability to assess the consequences of management decisions
  • communicative flexibility
  • high efficiency
  • understand the industry specifics of your project

Skills required for manager

In the context of hard skills, the project manager must be a universal specialist and have a wide range of knowledge and tools.

RM does not have to write code, but it must understand how to effectively manage development – that is, understand business requirements and clearly interpret technical requirements, have the skills of flexible methodologies, and at least a superficial understanding of the technologies used in product development. Such a specialist must also have the skills of budgeting and monitoring the implementation of the project in accordance with its estimated cost.

Among the soft skills and personal skills for the project manager, attention to detail, analytical and creative thinking are important. The Project Manager is always a team player, so communication skills are one of the most necessary for a specialist who must find the right approach to both the client and team members in any situation. A good manager works to anticipate any potential problems, so the ability to manage risks and solve problems will also come in handy.

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